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"Couldn't help but write you a quick note to say thank you.  My son attended the first session of the fall skills camp last night and had a great experience.  I was able to observe the camp and it was obvious why he enjoyed it so much.  Your passion for basketball really shows and ability to lead a large group is nothing short of impressive.  As you know, it's all about the coaching.  My son likes to be pushed and always responds extremely well to great coaching as he did last night.  Your entire team did a fabulous job.  We look forward to the next 9 sessions and, as we've seen with previous Court Time camps, his improved basketball skills will be noticed.  This camp is a perfect jump start to the upcoming basketball season!"
-- A Poland

"As a parent, I don’t think you could find another camp that offers the same amount of 1-on-1 interaction and fundamental focus as the Court Time camps. I have watched my daughter grow immensely over the past three years and what she has learned at the Court Time camps has carried over into her on-court performance. When she is at camp she is constantly learning, growing and developing while having fun and that is all I could ask for. Coach Schaefer has great command in the gym and creates an environment where they are being encouraged to work hard, have fun and learn the game of basketball."
-- T Carter

"I began attending Coach Schaefer's Court Time camps when I was 8 years old. Coach Schaefer's camps have always been challenging and intense but each time I have attended I have grown as a player. Coach Schaefer provides logical but innovative training techniques that keep the skills focused on each individual player. Over the years I have benefitted from specific instructions with ball handling, shooting, and footwork.  In addition, I have learned life skills that have benefitted me into my collegiate playing career both on and off the court."
--Annie Penquite

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the great basketball opportunities you provide the local youth.  I recommended your camps to our team this summer.  We had sparse attendance at the summer camps but 7 boys on the team attended your September skills camp and that has made a world a difference for us.  In particular, our ball handing and footwork are so much stronger it’s just ridiculous.  We’ve played 8 games so far and we’ve handled 3 teams fairly easily that we’ve struggled with in the past.  Parents are asking me what’s going on – I’m pointing them to your camps.  I Just wanted to share that you and your staff’s great work is appreciated.  Good luck this season!
--Doug Cariney

"The Court Time camps are fabulous. The camps incorporate learning and enhancing basketball skills along with demonstrating a positive work ethic, building character, and encouraging kids to be all around good people, all while having fun. Our kids always enjoy the Court time camps. They finish the camps with a renewed love for basketball and are motivated to put in extra time practicing and whatever they can do to improve their skills.  Coach Schaefer is very inspirational, passionate, and really knows how to motivate athletes. We cannot say enough good things about Coach Schaefer and the Court Time camps."
-- J Rusch

"Thank you for running such a well organized camp and my son had a great week. We definitely will be back next year."
-- Michaela-Adel

"My son attended your camp last week and again this week. I just wanted to let you know HE LOVED IT! He has said so many great things about the camp and has said several times he wants to do it again next year.  He has attended different camps over the past few summers and felt like he learned the most from your camp. He loved all the ball handling drills, the point guard specific training and the speakers this week! Keep up the great work!"
-- Lisa

"After watching and having our son attend a few of his camps last year, I would highly recommend Court Time Basketball camps to anyone interested. We have attended a number of different camps over the last couple of years and these camps are superior to any of the other camps we have done. The reason for this is the 1 coach to 9 player ratio. Most other camps you will see 1 coach to a 15 to 20 player ratio. In my opinion, the kids receive a great deal more personal instruction at his camps than other camps that we have attended."
-- Scott Swanson

"I highly recommend Court Time basketball camps. Coach Schaefer runs a solid program. His knowledge and passion for the game is evident down to his staff.  Court Time provides the perfect balance between fundamentals, scrimmages and fun.  The coach to player ratio is lower than most.  It's a full day, but organized and full of learning. The full day session is great for the working parent. I've never seen my son more excited to attend a camp than at Court Time. We will repeat for sure!"
-- Lisa Pechan

"Court Time basketball camp is awesome!! I learned so much last year.  I remembered most of the drills to do when I got home from camp. I made a travel team this fall and really improved my game. I'm going to camp again this year. It's the best camp around and I come all the way from Illinois!!"
-- Nolan Pechan

"I have 4 kids that go to Court Time camps every year and wouldn't miss it for anything. Coach Schaefer is a wonderful coach and makes the boring stuff fun! At the camps fundamentals are one of the most important things that they stress and to be a good player you have to start with the basics and I know that this camp will provide that, as the coaches are very much involved with all of the kids."
-- Marla Grove

"His camps had a strong emphasis on fundamentals, then incorporating that work into various game type situations. The growth of his camp is a strong indication of the quality camp experience he provides for those who attend. Even though his camp has grown, it has been my observation that he has continued to have a low player to coach ratio, which is important to me as a parent. His commitment to providing a quality camp and the focus on developing better players has also been evident. My kids have greatly enjoyed going to Coach Schaefer’s camps, not only for the camp experience, but Coach has also built a strong, positive rapport with them. I would highly recommend his camps and instruction."
-- K. Blackburn

"Coach Schaefer’s camps are well organized and efficiently run. He places a strong focus on fundamentals and proper shooting techniques. He balances this with a variety of games where skills can be practiced. Denis is dedicated to help each player reach his or her personal best. Both of my boys have benefited from Denis’ camps. He not only has taught them skills but he has motivated them to practice beyond the camp."
-- Janice Dass

"I have two daughters that have attended the Basketball camps Coach Schaefer. My girls have been to the fundamentals, competitive, and shooting camps. There has been noticeable improvement in each girl’s abilities. Everything about their skills and game improves."
-- Kris Penquite

"My 9 year-old son attended the Denis Schaefer's basketball camp this summer and had a great time. He loved the smaller groups and one-one-one attention from the coaches. He really liked playing in games - not just doing skill drills all the time. He can't wait to go to this camp again! He attended a different basketball camp the previous summer and didn't want to go back to that camp because it was too crowded and he didn't have fun."
-- Jene Spurgin

"Coach Schaefer, I appreciate your style and the integrity with which you conduct your Court Time Basketball camps. Our son has a good time and good experiences at your camps, and he’d be hard-pressed to find better instruction. We have friends who sent their son to the Competition camp for the first time this year and they were highly impressed…and sorry they hadn’t been sending him to Court Time in prior years!"
-- Dave Kingery

"Great Camps! Boys will be back next year. Believe it or not, they liked the No Mercy Workout Camp and the Shooting Camp the best. Both boys are always sponges for information and these camps had plenty of skill work and "How To" information."
-- Bud Peddicord

"Coach Schaefer: I wanted to let you know that my 11 year old son, Jacob, attended your camp for the first time this summer and LOVED it.  He has attended other area camps and said he enjoyed your camp the best."
-- Brenda Toth

"Thank you and all of your dedicated players/helpers who made camp possible! I am very thankful my son Haden was able to attend. He enjoyed your camp far more than he had ever enjoyed the XXXX camp and that makes me realize you must have been amazing because he has done the XXXX camp for the past three years. Thank you again for your patience with all the players and all your hard work! We will be returning for sure!"
-- Sincerely, Amanda & Fred Horstman

"Our kids LOVED the camp!  My husband and I were able to drop in on Thursday to watch a few of the games.  I was so impressed with the camp!  Well organized and a ton of energy!  The coaches were great!  Thanks for making it so enjoyable for them!"
-- Lori G.

"Coach Schaefer, I wanted to let you know that my son, Owen, really enjoyed the basketball camp this week. This is his second year attending and he said he like it even more this year than last year. 

I had the opportunity to come early on Thursday and heard your talk to the kids. What a powerful message!  I loved all of your points and plan to reinforce many of them in the future.

"Thanks for all you do!  I believe you are making a difference!"

-- K. Johnston

"Hey Coach Schaefer! Jon and I both wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your instruction and how well you run your camps! All three of our kids loved going each day and I think that shows a lot about how great you and your staff are. Thank you!"

-- Jon and Lisa H