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Coach Schaefer has a true passion for coaching the game of basketball to young people. Teaching the game of basketball is when Coach Schaefer is at his best; his ability to coach the finer points of the game to players is what leads to the improvement that is always seen from his team. Good players leave as great players, and average players leave his camps as good players. He asks his campers to have a passion for the game and be willing to work hard to achieve the highest level of development possible in both individual and team settings.

Denis Schaefer has led the Grand View Vikings to success on and off the basketball court during his seventeen years as Head Coach. He is the winningest men's basketball coach in Grand View history. The success his teams have on the court is only the beginning, as his players move on to become successful individuals upon their graduation from Grand View University. Denis Schaefer coached teams are known for three things; Good defense; his team consistently ranks at the top of the Midwest Collegiate Conference in defense, valuing the ball, and having a "Team Together" mentality.

Coach Schaefer believes in these five tenets in regards to his "Team Together" mentality...

  • NO TASK IS TOO SMALL: Good teams realize that everyone, from starters to role players, and everything, and most importantly the little things, are important.
  • SERVANTHOOD: Good teams have players that trust each other, push each other to get better, and stay together through tough times.
  • UNITY: Good teams speak openly and honestly to each other about problems and areas to improve, not to criticize but to advance their play.  
  • PLAY FOR EACH OTHER: Good teams have players that give their best effort for themselves and for their teammates. Play hard, Play Smart, Play TOGETHER
  • BE HUMBLE: Good teams have players that know their strengths and weaknesses. They view each day as an opportunity to improve both on and off the court. 

The Schaefers are a basketball family. Coach Schaefer has been married to his wife Sara for twenty-three years. They have two sons who they have watched play the sport. Their eldest son, Corey, graduated from Lehigh University and played four seasons for the Mountain Hawks, while Joe, an eigth grader, can be found at all Court Time camps working on his game.